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The Japanese word Kaizen means “improvement” or simply “change for better,” and with an almost infinite amount of possible combinations, our industrial modular articulating Kaizen Arm components will have you making improvements all over your facility.

Limited only by your imagination, our modular mix and match arm components are configurable in both 2 and 3 axis configurations to meet a wide range of ergonomic, 5S, and Lean Manufacturing challenges. Mount them to just about any surface to ergonomically support and position everything from computer systems to custom shadow or tool boards.

To top it off, we’ve built these arm components with the rugged durability required to withstand the rigors of industry environments. Simply put, you won’t be replacing these arms anytime soon.

kaizen arm HD Series

Heavy Duty Steel

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Kaizen Arm Aluminum Series

durable and tough

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Kaizen Arm Friction Series

Dynamic Light Duty

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Dectron's Kaizen Arms will optimize your organization and increase your bottom line, period!

Welded Steel and High Strength Aluminum construction delivers the rugged durability industry environments require and dependability office grade can’t match.

Arms position applications at point of use reducing wasted motion and employee fatigue throughout the day.

Articulating Arms can enhance existing work bench space or be mounted in confined spaces where benches can’t be placed.

A variety of organizing accessories combined with right sized work surfaces ensure all tools and parts always have a designated home keeping your work area neat and organized.

A wide variety of standard interchangeable components may be mixed, matched and reconfigured as needed, providing the flexibility to evolve with your changing needs.

With proper positioning and easier access to tools and parts, your work force will stay focused and energized, increasing productivity and reducing costly work related injuries.


Use a single Rigid Section for basic horizontal positioning.

Link Rigid Sections together in any combination up to a recommended max projection of 48″ while maintaining 100 lb. load rating.

Combine HD Counterbalanced Flex Sections with Rigid Sections when both horizontal and vertical positioning is required

What Customers Are Saying...

“Your company’s arms both rigid and articulating have opened up my area of focus capabilities drastically. Not only did it improve ergonomic postures of our workers but it also improved our productivity and efficiency. These arms are a great product and when combined with out of the box thinking can open up an endless list of possibilities and uses. Thanks for a great product. I look forward to finding more uses for the arms and doing further business with Dectron.”
“Your company’s Kaizen Arms are second to none. I originally found them when solving problems in a plant in West Carrollton, OH. Since then I’ve been promoted to Corporate and one of the many things I work on is coming up Best Business Practices. These components are one of those by far and we’re working on making them a BBP for current plants and all future plant launches. Again we love your products, they simply work and work well. We look forward to doing A LOT more business with your company in the future.”
“I just wanted to let you know that everyone was very impressed with all of the hardware, the quality and flexibility of all the pieces made the project a huge success!”
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