Dectron USA


To enhance ergonomics, support Continuous Improvement initiatives, and propel 5S, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, and Six Sigma goals and objectives through the use of modern, kick ass industrial equipment built in the USA.


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Safety & Ergonomics
  • 5S & Lean Manufacturing
  • Kaizen
  • Six Sigma
  • Made in the USA
  • Time Tested Durability


Since 1980, Dectron has been manufacturing some of the most durable and flexible modular articulating arms and material handling components on the market. Initially renowned as a premium OEM component for the medical and dental fields, our modular arms quickly gained attention from the Industrial and Assembly sectors for their rugged dependability, ability to mount just about anywhere, and their unique capability to rapidly reconfigure to meet unique material support and positioning needs.

As the medical industry moved towards articulating arms with a softer appearance (welded steel apparently looks too tough), our industrial customer base continued to expand as we built a reputation for building articulating arms that simply won’t fail.

Today we continue that heritage by building the same modular, industry grade ergonomic arms that we’ve become known for.

To really expand our product offering, we’ve partnered with other American manufacturers who also build modern, industry tough solutions and share the same core values that we do. In an era where planned obsolescence and sub par quality has become the accepted norm, we’ve stuck to our mantra of “Build It To Last.”

We want to help you be more competitive, more efficient, more productive, and ultimately more profitable. As the globe shrinks it’s more important than ever to innovate, strive for better, demand the best equipment, and work hard to remind everyone that America, like our equipment, is built to last!

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