Ergonomic Workstations

Your operation and people aren’t static, so why would your workstations be. Staying competitive requires flexibility and the ability to rapidly evolve. That’s why we’ve built our workstations to be the toughest, most dynamic height adjustable workstations on the market. Check out the benefits below.

Sit Stand Workstation with 5S Tower

1. Smooth Glide Locking Casters
Over sized smooth glide casters roll over just about anything on your shop floor and firmly lock into place in seconds to prevent unwanted movement
2. Height Adjustable Legs
Our electrically driven legs are one of the smoothest and quickest height adjustable legs on the market, Go from sit to stand or anywhere in between at the push of a button
3. Fan Kit
Optional fan accessory keeps employees cool as the productivity heats up
4. Lighting & Branding
Overhead lighting ensures a work space that is well lit. Laser cut your company name or designated workstation use into the face plate for a custom touch.
5. Tool Trolley Kit
Optional tool trolley to support overhead tools
6. Organizational Accessories
Optional accessories such as the peg board, white board, and bin rail will keep your workstation organized and applications easily within reach
7. Bench Top Options
Butcher Block or HPL Tops in Black, White or Gray are available

V.I.E.W. Manufacturing

1. Lighting
Optional overhead light
2. Document Tray
Adjustable angle for easy viewing of critical documents
3. Tool Management Tray
Angle Adjusting DIY 5S Tool Foam Shadow Kit for managing critical tooling
4. General Purpose Tray
Ideal for use as a working platform
5. Staging Tray
Move parts in and out of machines quickly with this parts staging tray

V.I.E.W. Assembly

1. LED Light
Overhead light for superior visibility
2. Cable / Tube Covers
Protect and safely route cable and tubing
3. Tool Arm
Accomodates a tool balancer for supporting tools
4. Peg Boards
Articulating 5S peg boards promotes point of use access
5. Part Bin Trays
Angle adjustable for easy access and visibility
6. 5S Tool Foam Board
DIY Angle Adjustable Tool Foam Board supports 5S initiatives
7. 5S Compartment Trays
Features adjustable compartments for organizing tools or parts
8. General Purpose Tray
Versatile tray for additional accessories or tools in use
9. Steel Column
Heavy Duty Steel Post with internal cable management