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    Dectron's Vertically Intergrated Ergonomic Workstation accessories combine ergonomics and the space saving power of a pole to control and position critical tools, parts, and applications for any job!

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    Setting a New Standard in Flexible Stereo Microscope Mounts Read More

    Industrial Grade Strength and Precision Construction will ensure your next OEM project has one of the most durable and ergonomic Articulating Arms on the market. Read More

    With proven, time tested durability and no known failures, ask yourself, is your arm Dectron Strong?

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    Industry Grade Ergonomic Arms keeping all tools and applications within arms reach. Read More
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Construction, rugged dependability and up to 100 pounds of load support
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  • Ideal for applications up to 40 pounds, the 40 Series boasts Aluminum construction, precision tolerances and an unrivaled finish.
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  • Ultra durable components and an incredible range of motion combine to create a high caliber Articulating Arm for mounting Cameras and other light weight applications.
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As the original developer of one of the most widely used articulating arm mounts for stereomicroscopes on the market, you could say we set the standard for microscope ergonomics.
Today, our designs are often duplicated but never replicated. As many competitors turn to off shore locations with sub par manufacturing standards, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll continue to precision manufacture all of our products right here in the USA, resulting in a product that’s far superior to any duplicate. In addition to microscope mounts, our 20 Series offers a high caliber out of the box solution for mounting cameras and other optical devices.
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Ergotron Recalls 216,000 Flat Panel Mounts
Just a friendly heads up from Dectron, manufacturers of Articulating Arms with no known failures, Ergotron is recalling over 200,000 defective units. Did we mention we have no known failures? READ MORE



We’ve supplied OEM’s in a broad range of industries for years, our time tested design combined with a near zero failure rate makes Dectron an easy choice for those looking to integrate a high caliber, incredibly durable articulating arm into their projects. Contact us today to learn more about our volume pricing structure. Contact


Looking for Technical Specifications and 3D files? No problem, we have all of the assets you need to make the design phase of your project as easy as possible. Click the link below to contact us today with the products you are interested in. Contact


Interested in deploying Dectron on a larger scale? We offer price savings starting at just 5 units ordered, contact us today to learn more about our volume pricing structure and discuss opening an account. Contact